Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Children Then Vs Children Now

I remember when I was young, I was not allowed to talk in the presence of adults or at least I remember being told to shut up when the adults are having a conversation. I thought that may have contributed to me being taciturn as an adult so I let my children talk whenever they want to. (although me and the hubby also tell them to shut up when we're talking and we can't hear ourselves).

However, I think I have created monsters! When we are visiting friends for the first time in their homes, my children do not behave the way I did when my parents visited others in their homes. I would sit quietly and talk only when spoken to. And I would address or call the elders in a polite manner when told to.

Not my children though. They would not still. They walk around exploring other people's homes like it was their own. They interrupt when we are talking. They jump and hop around like monkeys. And they laugh and giggle and talk loudly. And I ask myself. Am I doing the right thing?

In trying not to be too restrictive so as to allow them freedom of expression to bring out their personalities, have I brought up children with bad manners and no ettiquette? Parenting is all about balance and it is hard to find the right balance.

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  1. Hehe..I agree with you. My bro and I used to sit down quietly and will not touch other ppl's things when we go to ppl's hse. We'll be so shy and my parents used to be so proud of us for behaving ourselves.But nowadays, our kids will just interrupt when we are talking, destroy other ppl's things and also being so "ke poh"

  2. sabrina,
    I wonder which is better?


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