Friday, December 01, 2006

Time to clean out the toy box

The kids have so many toys and sometimes we get complacent and forget to check on their toys for its safety. Reading about toy deaths or accidents always gives me the shivers. The recent news about three children being hospitalized with serious injuries from swallowing tiny magnets that fell off the toys of their magnetic playsets is disturbing.

Read more here: 4.4 Million Mattel Toys Recalled After Kids Swallow Magnets

So mothers in blogoshpere, those with young children (who seem to have lots of toys these days as compared to our days). Will you join me today to clean out your child's toy chest or cabinets and check each toy for its safety? Lets check for toys with small parts, lose battery compartments, paints peeling off etc. Then throw them out immediately! Let us not be complacent. Let us do this on a regular basis. Let us remind each other to be careful to prevent any unfortunate accidents ok?

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  1. Great advice. I remember my buddy's 2-year-old daughter swallowing an eraser. Nobody knew until she shat it out.

  2. Yes, and please don't donate them away if they are broken.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. Thankfully Belle has yet to collect heap of toys. :P

  4. sophia,
    Thanks for the reminder. I better keep away those broken erasers!

    The sad thing is often many people use "donating to charity" as a dumping ground. :(

    She will be collecting them very, very soon.


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