Thursday, December 07, 2006

Cupfeeding your infant baby

This post is for all mothers who have difficulty breastfeeding and are thinking of cupfeeding their babies with breastmilk during the early days.

Both my kids do not use a bottle to drink their milk. They both have never used a pacifier before. This saves me a lot of trouble weaning them from both. :)

I don't use any bottles for feeding my babies yet, I had lots of trouble breastfeeding my babies. When you have difficulty breastfeeding your baby but don't want to resort to bottle feeding, what do you do? I was afraid that they would get nipple confusion, so I used alternative feeding methods.

I've tried cup, dropper, syringe, spoon. With the first, I didn't know any other alternative methods, so I used the spoon. It was really time consumming and I felt that all my day was taken up feeding baby. With my second, I became wiser and used the cup instead. I didn't use any special cup. I was using Avent bottles to keep my pumped breastmilk, so I merely used the cover of the bottle as a cup. By allowing the bottle cover to double up as a cup, I could make sure that it was sterelized and safe for baby.

Well, you don't have to be like me. I was ignorant but now I know better. If you check around I am sure you can find a suitable cup for your baby. Babies are smart, they will quickly learn to drink from a cup even from day 1. However, you will need to be careful and make sure that you read up all about cup feeding and tips for cupfeeding. Then make sure you teach anyone who help you feed your baby the correct and proper way to cupfeed your baby. Good luck!

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