Friday, January 25, 2008

How to avoid the early morning rush?

Before my daughter started kindergarden, we used to go to bed around 11pm-12am and wake up around 9-10am. Yes, its terrible hours I know but it worked for us. I have always believed that with parenting anything that works for your family and situation is fine so I won't get uptight or stressed up if I'm not doing whats considered the norm in Parenting books or other parent's eyes.

The children get to play with their daddy a bit after he comes back from work. Hubby would like them to have an earlier bedtime but its my fault really. I'm the night bird so they follow my style. I'm the one who usually puts them to bed so they go to bed only when I've done all my chores and is well and ready to settle down for the night.

However when my girl started kindy, I had to make her wake up at 7.30am so we had to do a bit of adjusting.

How are we doing so far? We are fine. The kids don't complain in the mornings. (It helps that she enjoys kindergarden). They have an earlier afternoon nap and they still go to bed at 11pm!

How do we avoid the early morning rush? Well, mummy has to wake up earlier than everyone else of course. So in the mornings, I wake up and get myself ready, then I wake the girl up and get her ready, then I wake the boy up and get him ready, then we all have breakfast and leave the house. There is no rush and no tears but mummy has to sacrifice her sleep. Thats how we avoid the early morning rush.

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  1. Same as me! I have to wake up earlier when my girl started kindy

  2. Same here and I hate it so much. I hate getting up early...some more I need to change bb nappy and breastfeed her before we hit the road, else she will be crying in the car seat along the journey.

  3. Just to share... I would get ready first (real early), then bundle my two girls (aged 4+ & 3+) into the car to the babysitter's, hoping they would get more sleep during the journey and for me to avoid the rush hour traffic. They get ready for kindy at the sitter's, then i send them off to kindy and then off to work for me. I try to revert to the 11pm-12am to 9-10am bedtime on Fridays and Sats so that i can catch up on precious sleep...ha ha. This will only be for several more weeks as I am in my 32nd week of pregnancy.

  4. ling,
    Mummy always have to sacrifice sleep.

    Oh! A baby to breastfeed first certainly adds to the rush doesn't it? Nvm, it'll only be for a time and then you'll have 3 toddlers and preschoolers to shout at. Hahaha. How I long to be able to have another baby too.

    Gosh! Thanks for sharing. Yes, for the working mum who has to send baby to babysitter/kindy first, you definitely have to sacrifice even more sleep and get up very very early to avoid the early morning rush!

  5. Dotter in morning school so I'm up at 6am to get her breakfast and recess food ready. After she goes off in the school van, I either snuggle back in bed with baby or sneak time online. So this mommy still finding ways to get her beauty sleep. Hehehe.

  6. I am the one who always wake up in the morning and get everything ready for you said mom is always sacrifice sleep.:(

  7. lian,
    We steal whenever we can. Hahaha.

    Right from the time we became pregnant and our big bellies make it hard to sleep, then it was breastfeeding etc etc....


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