Monday, December 10, 2007

New bedtime routine update

We're waking up earlier and earlier now. However the bedtime remains late but the naptimes are sometimes earlier or sometimes skipped altogether to make them go to bed earlier and yet they still go to bed late!

So we're basically doing fine in the waking up routine but going to bed early needs to be worked on further. I've managed to convince them that waking up early is fun. Now its time to convince them that going to bed is fun. Hahaha.

Actually, I've told them that going to bed early will make sure that they have enough energy to wake up the next day to do all the fun things that we are planning to do and they agreed. So whats the fun things we have planned today?

Well, we've got a singing session, a balloon sculturing session, we plan to do some drawing too etc etc. They will also be helping me with the cooking and the laundry. Phew! Its going to be a long day. Hopefully, that will tire them out before me. Hahaha.

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  1. Looks like we share the same template :)

    Anyway nice blog you have. I reckon I'll frequent here

    Have a good day

  2. That's what I did most of the time..It's hard to put them in bed right?the kids nowsaday are so energetic and hyperactive.Sometimes I already get tired and they still don't want to go to bed.Anyway,promise them to do things together the next day is a good try.:)

  3. sayangmommy,
    That shows we both have great taste. Hahaha.

    Yes, quite often, I'd tell them stories and get my words all muddled up because I'm too tired to think. Lol!

  4. My toddler now sleeps past 12am. And he is always telling me "Don't want sleep!" One of these days, I think I'll just have to drag him to bed screaming and kicking to get him to sleep earlier.

  5. tot's mom,
    The best way I can get them to want to go to sleep is if I go to sleep with them at the same time.

  6. The best way to tire up my kids is to bring them to the park and make them run round the track. Going shopping also does wonders coz they walk a lot round the mall. Skipping afternoon naps also helps but by 7 or 8pm, they will get cranky and really sleepy.

  7. I have the toughest time getting my 6 year old daughter to bed at night.
    Any tips would be greatly welcomed.

  8. Good Luck with your new routine, its tough to get older kids on a earlier bedtime. I FINALLY got my 5yr old son to go to bed an hour earlier...he complains but he does it.

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