Monday, November 26, 2007

Changing the kids bedtimes - A challenge

I have a new challenge - to change the kids bedtimes to prepare ahead for next year when I send my girl to kindy. At the moment they go to bed very late, at around 11-12pm and they wake up very late too, at around 10-11pm.

This arrangement works out fine with me because I go to bed late as well so I can play with them, read them stories and we all unwind together. This way they also get to play with their daddy a little in the evenings instead of going straight to bed when he comes back from work. In the mornings, I am relieved to be able to get a little time to myself when they wake up late because once they wake up, my day is constantly interrupted so I treasure this little time I have to myself.

However, since kindy starts around 8.45am, this arrangement obviously cannot continue. So how do I get them to wake up 3-4 hours earlier. Naturally by sending them to bed earlier as well. How I do this? By changing their bed and waking times 15-30 minutes earlier each day/week. That'll mean my bedtime and other daily routines have to change too.

This is a big challenge to me. I've been wanting to do this for some time now but I keep putting it off. I've really got to start doing it and thats the reason for this post. To put down in writing helps my resolve. I will do it... tomorrow.... maybe tomorrow... Hehe. Wish me luck please? And if you have any tips, please share with me. Thanks.

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  1. Ha! you're not alone. I need to worry about this problem too. My Elizabeth will sleep around 11 to 12 too. Sometimes even 1am. Thus, even though she still wake up around 6am, but she will get tired soon and sleep back. So...I am wondering is she going to sleep in the school when the time has come? bleek!

  2. Yeah, its tough. Especially for me who is the type to sleep late and rise late. :P

  3. Me too like to sleep late and rise late. My kids also follow my style. But I've been trying to enforce the 9pm rule. Means stay in bed even if you are not sleepy. At least they are asleep latest by 10:30pm. Now trying to train my daughter to wake up at 6am. Her school transport comes at 6:45am next year. This week itself, you could say she would have 'ponteng' school 4 out of the 5 days. Sigh! Mommy is not doing too good herself. Sigh!

  4. lian,
    6am! Poor you! At least mine doesn't have to get up till 8am next year. But only one more year.....

  5. I was wondering if anyone has to deal having a 7 and 10 year old and whether they have different bed times for each. This is causing a big problem for me right now as the 10 year old stays up til 9 at his mom's while the 7 year old is supposed to be in bed by 8. When the 10 year old is over this causes a big problem as the 7 year old starts screaming and crying that it's not fair. any ideas?

  6. Hello Anon,
    This sounds really tough. I'm afraid I am in no position to comment because my 3 and 5 year old go to bed at 10-11pm. I'd really like to know how you get them to bed by 8 or 9pm. Lol. I can only think of letting them go to bed at the same time which means bringing the 7 year old's bedtime to later and the 10 year old earlier or allowing the 10 year old to bed only after the 7 year old is sound asleep. Perhaps make them go to bed only when they are very sleepy otherwise they get very restless if they have to stay in bed too long. I will put your questiong for discussion on my other blog
    which usually draws more comments so perhaps we can find some solutions for you. :)


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