Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Her First Dental Visit at age 6

My daughter is 5 going on 6. We brought her for her first dental visit at the end of last year. She had her bottom two permanent teeth coming in behind her milk teeth.

I first notice the permanent teeth a few months back. The milk teeth felt loose so I delayed the visit to the dentist. However, even though it appeared rather loose it was very stubborn and took its time to come off. By the time we brought her to the dentist, one of it had dropped off. The other which first became loose had sort of fallen into the space where the first had dropped off.

The dentist was not at all concerned about it. She said that it was common and we need not extract it since it was loose and about to come off anyway. She wanted the first visit for my girl to be pleasant so she just looked around, said everything was fine, praised my girl for brushing and gave her a sticker.

She also encouraged me to bring my 3 going on 4 boy into the room with us to look around to expose him. It was a very pleasant visit.......... for them but not for me. I had gum surgery. Ewe.

Oh before I forget, I wanted to note that she said that both my kids had an opposite bite (I'm not sure of the term) but what it meant was when they bite down, their lower teeth is in front instead of behind the upper teeth as it should be. She told us to monitor that and have it evaluated in a year's time.

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  1. I hate dental visits for the kids - it burns BIG holes in my pocket!!

  2. i was a bit delay to bring my elder daughter to visit the dentist last..her upper baby teeth didn't drop and her permanent teeth keep growing infront(not behind)of her baby teeth..that's looks scary to her permanent teeth look crooked and need to adjust it when she turn 10-11 years's my fault not to bring her for dental check up in an early stage.:(
    gum surgery is painful isn't it?:(

  3. who is this dentist and her location? she sounds very comforting for the kids..

  4. stay-at-home mum,
    A very big hole indeed!

    Nvm, got orthodontist mah. The gum surgery was not painful becos it was under anaesthetics but the two jabs before were painful. Ouch!

    Somewhere out there. Hehe. She's usually not very gentle but she is a mum with a kid about the same age. Probably when you are hunting for a dentist you should consider that.

  5. That sounds like a dentist who is good with kids. What's the name of your dentist and where is it?

  6. health freak mommy,
    She's actually not that gentle when it comes to actual dental work but she's a mother. So I guess that when you are looking for a dentist you can look for one who is a parent too.

  7. whats the address of your dentist please? Mine has been drilling my daughter's milk teeth & I get ridiculous stares when I ask why !


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