Monday, January 07, 2008

Help! Her milk teeth is growing parallel with her permanent teeth

Help! Its all my fault she's going to get crooked teeth. My girl's milk teeth was growing parallel with her permanent teeth and that got me really worried. Is that normal? I wondered.... I sourced around the internet and some described it as normal so I left it to drop off alone. But it didn't.......... not for a very very long time.

And for a long time, she had two rows of parallel teeth growing at her bottom front teeth. Help! I thought. Its all going to be my fault if her teeth turns out to be crooked! Its my fault for not doing anything about it earlier. These thoughts ran through my mind. I searched around the internet frantically and found many good links.

Stay around and I'll share those links. I'll also share the story of her first visit to the dentist etc when I have the time to update this blog.

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  1. Its quite early for her to grow her permanent teeth huh? One of my kid got that and the dentist has to pull off the milk teeth. Hehehe, another good reason why I don't worry too much about brushing milk teeth. We are going to lose them anyway!

  2. I had that before and ended up having the milk teeth pulled. I think that will be the option given to you by the dentist. Better do it soon. I did end up wearing retainers when I was in my teenage years.

  3. 5xmom,
    Lol! You lazy woman you!

    Eventually they came off on their own.

  4. Hi,

    My daughter is also having same situation. Could you please share those links and your experience ?

    I'm also worried about those teeths and going to see a dentist very soon.

    Thanks in advance.


  5. Hello Mohtashim,
    Hello Mohtashim,
    Here are the the the posts about our experience and the links I promised:
    When new permanent teeth comes in behind the milk teeth
    Her first dental visit at age 6

  6. My five year old son has two permanant teeth coming in behind his milk teeth. I panicked when I first saw it (like us first-time mothers do!), and I am sooooooooo grateful to everyone who has taken the time to post their experiences on here. I am hugely reassured that this is a common and normal occurance. I will take him to the dentist for him to take a look anyhow, but will do all I can to avoid extractions - I can't even imagine how traumatic that would be.

    Thank you all.


  7. Hi Nicky,
    Yes, I was so worried too! Fortunately we didn't have to do any extraction. The dentist say that eventually the tongue will push the teeth into position.


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