Wednesday, January 02, 2008

This year I have only one resolution

This year I have only one resolution. My resolution is to work harder on my relationship with my spouse. Last year I have experienced the following more and more often.

  • I hear him say "You are not supportive of me/I wish you were more supportive of me" more and more often
  • I hear him shouting back at me more often whereas he used to be more cool and collected during our arguments before. He must be reaching breaking point! Oops!

I resolve to do more and more of those things that will make him feel loved and less and less of those things that will make us grow further and further apart.

I can sense that my actions and words are driving him further and further away from me and so I resolve to control myself better emotionally and not act rashly or say damaging words during an argument.

I am the kind who MUST end an argument RIGHT NOW! I do not know how to walk away from an argument and come back to the issue after things have cooled. And so part of my resolution is to learn how to do that.

That is my single resolution this year. To strive for more love, peace and harmony with my spouse for with more harmony than we can conquer more things together instead of fight with each other to get things done.

There is this quote in my December 2007 calander. It says.....

Coming together is a BEGGINNING

Keeping together is PROGRESS

Working together is SUCCESS

Perhaps this quote is meant more for organisations in team building but it can also be useful for the husband and wife team. I hope to achieve SUCCESS in my relationship with my spouse this year and thereafter.

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  1. Falling in love is easy, but maintaining a family needs hardwork. I wish u n ur family full of love always

  2. daniel,
    Thank you for your kind wishes. :)

  3. Hello - my first time on this beautiful blog! Yes, I've heard those lines before =) My way around it is to spend time talking after Lucas falls asleep. He's happier now that he's got my attention a few times a week. All the best for 2008, MG!

  4. Thanks Kittycat, Yeah the big baby needs attention, lots of attention. Hahaha.


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