Monday, December 03, 2007

Waking up early is fun

Thats what I have been telling the kids or rather my daughter whom I am trying to train to get up earlier to attend kindy next year. Here's my strategy. First I discuss with her the fact that she will need to get up early to attend kindergarden next year. Then I tell her that waking up early is fun because it means that we have more time to do fun things. Then I have to follow through..... ie by making her day fun filled. I also tell her that if she wakes up early, she can get to see daddy and say bye bye to him before he leaves for work.

So far, its working out well. The kids don't complain when I wake them up earlier. They are happy to wake up earlier. The only person who is not so happy is me. Hahaha. As I lose my sleep and my personal me time.

When I wake them, I put on nice music videos which they love and that wakes them up with a smile. They watch the videos for a while as I buzz around making up the room and preparing breakfast. Then its time for some crafts or games or lessons (they are always bugging me to give them lessons which they love) so lessons it is and before we know it, its time for lunch, bath and nap. As I've said, I have to follow through, because the moment they think that its not fun to wake up early, then I will have groucy sleepy heads. At the moment they think its fun so I have happy smiley kids. Hopefully, we can keep this up next year.

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  1. My kids like an alarm to me, they wake up very early every day.
    Sometimes I wish they can sleep a little late :p

  2. rachel,
    I guess thats better than having to be an alarm clock. Haha.

  3. it's good to train little kids to wake up early in the morning, but gotto make sure they go to bed early too.. ;p

  4. It's hard for me to train my kids to sleep early.You know what they can wake up early eventhough sleep late.I don't like to wake up early either.Seems like the kids now are so hyperactive.:)

  5. daniel,
    I don't know which is harder. Getting them to go to bed early or getting up early but come to think of it, I think getting them to go to bed early is harder. Hehe.

    Haha. You are right. They can get up early even though they sleep late but that only makes them more cranky and harder to control during the day.

  6. Aiyo! My toddler nowadays is sleeping later and later. He wants to play with his daddy all the time and sometimes, I just have to give in because his daddy comes home pretty late from work and there must be some interaction time between the two of them. Only problem is when he starts kindy and I'll have a tough time re-adjusting his sleep times.
    By the way, thanks for the return comment at my blog. Will add you on my blogroll to make sure I remember to return here.


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