Monday, November 26, 2007

My kids' naptimes at age 3 and 5

Changing the kids' bedtime and waking hours will affect their naptimes too. At the moment they have one nap. This nap is rather late. Sometimes it can be as late as 6-7pm. They would nap for 1-2 hours. That explains the late sleeping hours doesn't it? But as I've said, this suits my arrangement for now.

The older girl who is 5 sometimes skips her naps and I will nap with the 3 year old. For health reasons, I need my afternoon nap as I can't allow myself to go into a sleep debt (meaning I need to have enough sleep or risk a seizure). My 3 year old still needs his afternoon nap so when we nap, I will tell the girl to sit in bed and read her book quietly.

Once, I start changing their bedtimes, their naptimes will be affected. Hmm.... I guess I'll just go ahead and do the change and see what happens than slowly adjust our routines from there. So how am I doing on the first day of our change? I'm letting the kids sleep in again, just so I can have more ME time. HELP! I really need help to change. Change starts with me!!!!

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  1. kids will be in their bedroom by 9.30pm. Lights off by 10pm.

    Bcuz I am working, they will wake up about 7am.

    They will take a nap at 2pm and usually take about 1-2 hrs.

    It has been their routine since young and they are used to it.

    Slowly, your kids will be adjusted to your new routine. It takes some time. :)

  2. ling,
    I hope to work towards a routine something like yours but I've got a lot of work to do in making the adjustment.

  3. lings is right.give them nap at around 1-2pm.Since you are busy at that time-I think you have to try for few days.:)try your best.!

  4. I faced this problem recently when I had to send Alycia back to pre-school after a 6-mth break.

    Your kids will not get used to it immediately. You have to start the new bedtime routine at least 1 mth ahead so that their bodies are accustomed to it b4 school starts next year. When they are not used to the new routine, they will have a real tough time waking up in the a.m. and for Alycia, she puked for more than 1 week when she first started school. She wasnt used to waking up early, drinking milk early, brushing her teeth and going to school so early. After 1 mth, she stopped puking and got used to the new routine.

    Try letting them nap early. My kids nap at 3pm for 2 hrs. They go to bed by 10:30pm or latest by 11pm. School starts at 8:30am and they wake up at 8am. Thankfully school is just 1 minute away! Good luck to you!

  5. health freak mummy,
    Thank you so much for sharing your experience with me. Puking for a whole month? I better start early indeed. I have to hold back once again because baby passed his flu to me and my girl so we're both sick now. :(

  6. My going to 2 baby naps twice a day. One in the morning & one in the afternoon around 3pm. My 5 yo naps in the afternoon. If she skips her afternoon nap, she'll knock out by around 8pm. OTherwise they sleep around 11pm or later everynite.
    Both of them have to wake up by 7:30am, cause have to be sent to baby sitter.

    I am trying to set their bedtime earlier, around 9-10pm..... still trying...


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