Monday, May 13, 2013

The First Crush

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My girl at 11 is having her first crush. She can't stop talking about the boy who is a prefect at her school and who was her classmate last  year. Thankfully, he dropped out of the class. She doesn't need the distraction! She can't stop talking about him. I get an earful each day about how he......blah, blah, blah. His younger brother is in my son's class, so he gets and earful too.

These first crushes are getting younger and younger. The kids grow up so fast these days with all the influences from the media even though I block most of them for now. She does not own a handphone, does not have a facebook account, we don't watch a lot of tv so she doesn't get to watch unsuitable programs unsupervised.

Still, she managed to get her first crush at age 10. When she blabbers away about him, I usually smile and listen to her talk without making too many comments if I can help it. Why? I want to keep the doors of communication between us open for later when I really need it.

For now, she tells me "Mum, this year he only said two things to me....." They are.... SIT DOWN AND EAT YOUR MEAL! at the canteen during recess while he was doing his prefect "checks" and "EEEYEEA" at something else she was doing. :P

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