Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Love And Memories

Heart Shapes
My mom passed away almost 40 years ago. I was still very young then. However, some memories of her remain fresh in my mind. Of course our black and white photos of her carrying me in her arms and looking at me with love helps too.

My Quote For The Day is Love Leaves Trails Of Memories. (I love Quotes and I love making them up in the spur of a moment or when inspired by my own drawings or other things. If you like Quotes too, check out my other blog just for Quotes. It is called Quotes Station).

Love Leaves Trails of Good Memories, yes.... but don't forget that Bad Feelings Leaves Trails Of Memories too.

As a mother and wife, I think I should always stop myself and ask "Will this leave a good or bad memory?" before I act or speak rashly. That guiding principal can't go very wrong. Have you left any trails today? Were they good or bad?

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