Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I Wish I Was A Supermom

Supermom Cartoon
The boy vomits in his sleep. Supermom with her super ears hears the gurgling that signals vomiting and gets up automatically to push him to a sitting position. Nothing comes out, only bile since he has emptied his stomach from all the vomiting he did earlier on in the day. He gets up periodically, every half to one hour 4 to 5 times to vomit more bile and Supermom gets up too. The next day Supermom has to wash vomit soaked pyjamas.

The young daughter is having her period. She leaves behind period soaked clothing for Supermom to wash too. The bile soaked pyjamas and period soaked clothing leaves behind an interesting yellow and red colour in the blue and pink pails, thinks sleepy Supermom.

Its her 12th day wedding anniversary and Superdad, that smart fellow says "Happy Anniversary, dear" and goes off to work. No present or anything else for Supermom because the smart fellow said the necklace he gave Supermom on their 10th wedding anniversary (which Supermom reminded him was a significant year to celebrate) was supposed to last several years. So no present last year and none this year for Supermom. Supermom doesn't get Superdad anything either and  he reminded her that she didn't get anything for his birthday this year too. 

For her wedding anniversary dinner, Supermom cooks porridge for the whole family. In fact, the whole family has been dining on this fine cuisine, plain white porridge cooked up by Supermom for the past 4 meals in a row since the boy is sick and Superdad has a stomach virus. Hopefully this porridge diet will take a few pounds off Supermom, she thinks. 

Oh, yes, there is one more thing that Supermom thinks......

Somedays I wish that being a supermom was as simple as donning a superhero costume. 

Yes, I wish that right now. 

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  1. Every mom wishes that was all it took to be a Supermom ;)


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