Friday, May 10, 2013

Mother's Day Images

Ever since my dear friend, Kopi Soh encouraged me to draw, I haven't been able to stop! It is amazing what one can draw with an index finger and an ipad! I love it! Kopi Soh showcases her art on a facebook page called Stick It To Me which I absolutely adore! I love her drawings.

Since Mother's Day is just round the corner, I drew a few Mother's Day Images just for fun. Here are my Mother's Day images.

Mother's Day Graphics
 This Mother's Day Image is a silhouette image of a mother carrying her daughter who is giving her a kiss on the cheek. They are connected by a big heart.
Mother's Day Cartoon
 This Mother's Day Image is a simple lines mother and daughter hugging picture.
Mother with two kids cartoon
And this Mother's day image is a cartoon of me and my kids. Actually, they are much older than this now but I have a boy and a girl so here we are. Happy Mother's Day to everyone.

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