Monday, May 20, 2013

Beauty Comes From Within

Silhouette of a Woman
My little girl is turning 11 soon. I can't believe how fast time has flown.

She is smart, an intellectual kid who is very inquisitive.

I know she admires some of her classmates especially those who are more loud and aggressive, more pretty or more this or that. She wants to be like them too. She wants to keep her hair like them. She wants to this or that .... like them.

I think as a mother to a daughter, one very important life lesson to teach her is to let her know that beauty comes from within.

This year on her birthday I will remind her that she is special and she does not have to be like anyone to be special. She just has to be herself.

Confidence is beautiful. It makes you glow.

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  1. I truly agree with you and that's what I told my girl too. I remember there was once when her first tooth fall off, she was so upset and sulking because she looks ugly without a tooth. I had difficulty of assuring her that her tooth will grow and no need to feel sad about it.


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