Monday, April 28, 2008

What I REALLY want to do on Mother's Day

Last night as I dipped my hand into the toilet bowl to retrieve a toothpaste that had found its way in there...... and later again in the middle of the night when I was woken up from sleep by a vomitting girl and as I dipped my hand into the sink to unclog the vomit.......I started to daydream........ about what I'd REALLY like to do on Mother's Day.

On Mother's day, I would like to check into a spa resort WITHOUT THE KIDS in tow. The spouse can come along. Hahaha. I would like to be pampered from head to toe, massage, pedicure, manicure, headcure...... all day long. I would like to bathe in a floral bath with sweet scents and lie in a four poster bed with flower petals strewn on it and soft see through draperies drawn around it. I love four poster beds. I think they're so romantic but I haven't got a chance to sleep in one yet. Hopefully, in this lifetime...

Then I would like to dress up in something glamorous. I would like to dress up slowly without being interrupted. No rush. No rush since I don't have to dress up other small people at the same time and watch my makeup being ruined (that is if I have the time to do it in the first place) and sweat replacing my perfume. I would like to doll myself up and slip into a pair of impossibly high heels (those type that you can't wear when you're carrying a kid and chasing another around) with diamantes that glitter in the dark.

Then I would like to go for a dinner at a posh restaurant with live music overlooking the city nightlights. The night sky would be clear so one can see as far as the eye can see. I would like to eat food thats pleasing to the eye and teases the palate at the same time. I would like to drink champagne while listening to the soothing sounds of piano and some strings in the background. And my spouse would say to me "Hon, thank you for being such a wonderful Mother to our children. Here's to you." while he toasts me with the champagne. Hahaha. I'm so corny.

Then when dinner is over I would go back to my romantic four poster bed and jump on my man without being interrupted or the threat of interruption. Hahaha. Well, ok, I better stop my Mother's Day Fantasy here since this is a family friendly site. Lol!

Now back to the reality. Perhaps my Mother's Day Fantasy sounds a bit like my Wedding Anniversary Fantasy but since my Wedding Anniversary also falls in the month of May..... Besides the kids are still young, too young to understand the significance of Mother's Day. Perhaps when they are older I will have a different wish for Mother's Day. I'd wish to be pampered and waited upon by the two kiddoes from dawn to dusk. But in the meantime, their father has to be the one who has to do the work. But its not going to happen. We have a pact you see. We have a pact not to celebrate Mother's Day or Father's Day till the kids are old enough to understand and celebrate it with us. Still, I can dream, can't I? *pouts*

Now I am interested in what YOU would really like to do on Mother's Day.

Don't hold back. Let it rip! Will you share your Mother's Day Fantasies on your blog. Then pass it on to other Mothers to share. Lets be silly and let our hair down. Then add your name and blog post url to the list and let it go around. I'll start with mine. Anyone can participate in this. Just write your blog post and add your name to the list. Its that simple.

1. Mumsgather shares - What I REALLY want to do on Mother's Day.

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  1. wow! will do thks! we do hv similiar fantasy though

  2. Wow! You sounds so interesting ;)
    Well I'm still thinking what to do...
    Very nice post.
    Keep 'em coming...

  3. Very nice. Very romantic too. :)

    You can have a peek at mine after tonight. Now gotta see to two boys stirring from their nap.

  4. What I really want?

    To get up early in the morning and make breakfast for everyone... NOT!! :D

    Will think about it and get back to you.. ;)

  5. will think hard abt this meme. thanks! :)

  6. Although Im not quoted LOL I shall put my 20c in :)

    What I'd like to do for mother's day:

    (1) have a lie in AFTER a good, uninterrupted night's sleep. Quiet house.
    (2) the housework and meals be taken care of by a elf (preferably one that looks like Orlando Bloom? hehehehe)
    (3) Take my time getting out of bed, having a shower, getting out of the house.
    (4) Eat a meal that doesnt involve "Stop that, eat this, leave your brother alone" in your conversation
    (5) Spend time at a spa without feeling guilty that you are "abandoning" your munchkins
    (6) Kids sitting quietly with you as we read together.
    (7) lots of kisses and cuddles from the men in my life :)
    (8) My "Mummy Belly" will magically disappear.

    hahhahaha as you can see, some of these are achievable but many arent, particularly Orlando Bloom and my "Mummy Belly".

    great post :)

  7. wen,
    I can't wait to read yours. Hehe.

    Take your time. I hope you recover soon.

    Let me guess. You want everyone to get up and make breakfast for you?

    I didn't have to think very hard. And theres lots more I can add to the list too. Endless. Hahaha.

    Oh yes, I want the mummy belly to disappear too but who's Orlando Bloom? Hahaha. Afraid I still live in the caves and dunno whos who. :P

  8. I just wish that I could hug my mom as hard as I can & tell her "I love you"!! For me, Mother's Day is still a day for my mother rather than a day for me as I still think I have not sacrifies enuff perhaps?? One thing for sure, my mom did a great job in raising me up, and she still does!!

  9. Thats a wonderful wish Kelly. Really sweet of you to think of your mum instead of yourself. I grew up most of my life without a mum (she died of cancer when I was 10 and my father never remarried), Mother's Day was a very lonely and sad time for me especially when I was in school and the other girls were talking about how they are celebrating Mother's Day but its not lonely or sad anymore now that I am a mother myself and have my own little ones. :)

  10. Got me an idea on how to make my mom's the happiest on Mother's day :) Happy mothers day to all!

  11. littlekarl,
    Thats great. She is happiest just having you. BTW since you are only 2 months old, did mommy or daddy write this on your behalf little karl? I think it must be mommy. Hahaha.

  12. Oops, just managed to check out this meme now. Been away too much that I'm unable to keep in touch! This is a great meme, just so sorry that I've missed it before mother's day! :p

    Actually, I almost laughed when I read the beginning. Why all mothers' dream is without the kids in tow? :p Yup, almost every says that, including my own mom. LOL! But when we are at a place without them, we would miss them terribly. That is MOTHER. We are 'jin-guat-tao'. :p


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