Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mommy Blogger Venus

Mommy Blogger Venus loves writing and she uses her two blogs to express her strong views clearly and effectively. She likes to use her blogs to express her opinions through writing.

Her Cultured Views Blog has the tagline, news, views and commentary. In it she blogs about her views about whats happening in the world or the latest news and her thoughts on them. She also writes about her family life as in this very endearing post about Separation Anxiety. (No not the Separation Anxiety faced by her little ones but the Separation Anxiety she feels when her kids go off to visit Nan and Granda. Lol! I am sure many mothers can relate to that feeling!

In her other blog Mums Finance she gives straightforward financial advice for women. Though aimed at women its useful for anyone who likes topics like mortgages, budgeting and investment presented in an uncomplicated and straightforward way. If you are writing sponsored posts you should check out her tips on "How to Make Your Posts Great to Read" in the Make Money Blogging Category. I wonder if I pass her test?

She writes what she believes in and she believes in complete honesty. I like that in a blogger!

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