Friday, April 25, 2008

Mothers, do you maintain your friendships?

Credit for the Image: All About Girlfriends from Lou's Place (Its a very nice page and read. You should check it out)

Do you still have your girlfriends after your children came along or.......

I think its really important to maintain your friendships because there is nothing like being able to share a cuppa with a good girlfriend chatting about oh you know the things that we girls like to chat about.

Sadly though, I have not been able to do that. I guess one reason could be because I married late. While I was busy partying, my girlfriends were all married and having babies. Now that I'm married and having young kids, their kids are all in the late teens. And all those other girlfriends I had been partying with are either still partying or married and divorced or remarried and moved away.

I'm so sad I have not been able to maintain my friendships. It takes a lot of effort to maintain friendships. You've got to keep in touch and be there for your friend and not just be a friend when you are free and available. Sadly, I have been so wrapped up with my own kids and family, I did not have time to maintain my friendships. What about you?

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  1. Hi! I'm feeling like I lost my friends too. I married late too like you, but my close friends have yet to be married and are still 'enjoying' life minus kids! i try maintaining the friendship and keep in touch but some of them don't seem interested, maybe we've nothing much left in common since I'm preoccupied with family and kids...

  2. I have about 3-4 friends and ONLY me got married and have kids. They are busy with their careers while I busy with my own family. Hardly have the time to catch up with them. Only meet like once in a year? How sad...

  3. I have not gone for a all girls outing for a very long long time. I still chat with 1 - 2 old girlfriends online, but we hardly meet up.

  4. Most of my close friends are back in Msia. We still keep in touch via email, blog, FB, etc. Keeping in touch doesn't mean we have to literally meet up (though it would be nice). I think we mommies really need to make an effort to keep in touch with friends...remember, that's the only way we get to talk like an adult. :) I mean, not that we don't talk adult with the's just a different level of talking. ;)

  5. Lost many friends when I first got married, long work hours, lived abroad, young children (not able to go out coz of inconvenience and lack of help) etc. But the good thing is now, I am slowly finding them all back. Its not too late to start. I am sure your friends are all waiting for you!!
    Girl friends are sooo important, so seek them out NOW!!

  6. anna,
    I guess the key to friendships is having something in common with.

    Oh, you're the opposite of me. Married while friends not.

    Ah yes, internet helps us to keep in touch with friends more often. Hehe.

    Definitely a different level of talking. We need to giggle over cuppas once in a while. Hehe.

    Haha. Yes ma'am. It requires so effort on our part to keep in touch.

  7. I try to meet up with one friend in particular, but it takes great effort, and usually with a tinge of guilt that I'm leaving my boys with my in-laws. But I am glad for some quiet heart-to-heart chats. Helps me see the world in a little wider perspective and not just under my roof. Hahaha...

  8. moomykin,
    Haha. I know what you mean about wider perspective. Fortunately, blogging allows that too to a certain extend.


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