Friday, May 09, 2008

Mother's Day - The Reality

The other day I wrote a Mother's Day Fantasy.

Baby Darren's Mommy has this to say...

"It is so funny that aren't we mothers supposed to spend our day with our children but it sounded just so ridiculous that most mothers (like Judy and MG) prefers to spend our Mother's Day away from the children instead.."

Haha. Yes it sound ridiculous and selfish that on the day called "Mother's Day" we want to "escape" from being a Mother for just a day. Anyway its just a daydream.

My Mother's Day reality will be something like this.

I will go grocery shopping as usual because hubby is busy this Saturday. So we have to get it done on Sunday. My girl will try to sing the Chinese Mother's Day Song which she has been practising all month long and kindy. "Mummy, if I can't remember how to sing the song, can I just do the actions or if I can't remember the actions, can I not sing at all?" Hahaha. Thats my girl. As for my boy, he will follow me around all day long trying to pinch my face. I wonder when he will grow out of this habit.

It will be a day just like any other day. But thats ok because I love them both very very much. Just having them is the best gift of all. And I am sure all mothers agree with me. :)

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  1. Yes, I agree with you! The gift of motherhood is indeed priceless even though we ALL know it comes with a lot of sacrifices. Mother's Day to me is a day of thanksgiving to God and also to pray that my kids will love and adore me as much today as when I'm old and grey! LOL

    A toast to you too on this Mom's Day! :)

  2. The Chinese Mother's Day song..hahaha..I almost forgot about it! So, next time we're back in KL and we see a kid pinching his mommy's face..we will assume it's you. :P

  3. AM,
    Haha. That is my hope too. It is easy for little ones to adore me but when they're older, I don't know...

    Yes, yes, then you can come up and say Hello. Hahaha.


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