Thursday, December 06, 2007

Advice for new parents - Find a good paeditrician for your baby

I received lots of advise before I became a mum but somehow no one told me this.

"Find a good paeditrician for your baby even before your baby is born."

So there I was, my baby born and my gynae whom I had been seeing for 9 months asked me. Do you have a paeditrician of your choice? I said "No." and she asked "So is it ok with you if we put you on one of the hospital's panel of paeditrician?" to which I said "Ok." I was to go back to see the paeditrician again in two week's time (and many more times during baby's first year for immunization jabs and check-ups. That was something I didn't realise until I became a mum and nobody told me so).

At the second week's check-up. My baby had lost a lot of weight (instead of regaining her birth weight as babies are supposed to) due to my problems breastfeeding. (She had lost a shocking 25% of her weight to be precise). I was in a state of stress. Baby was not feeding well. The paeditrician came and told me to "just give baby milk powder" and he treated baby like a slab of meat the way he undressed her and put her on the cold examining table and turned her this way and that. I was horrified and never went back again!

Fortunately, I found a good paeditrician after that. One who taught me how to breastfeed, who was good with children and answered our questions, fears and doubts (of a new parent) patiently.

I can't believe it but in a blink of an eye, we have been seeing this paeditrician for 5 years now. We have to wait a long time to see her each visit but we don't mind because we had been given that much time with her too when our babies were newborn. So, one advise I have for new parents or parents to be is.......

"Find a good paeditrician for your baby." You're going to be seeing this person a lot during the first year of baby's life.

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  1. thanks very much for this post... i didn't know this too..

  2. hi there,
    your blog looks very professional leh. i love it. good job.

  3. I agree with you.I had change alot of paedrician ever since my elder daughter was born.It's not easy to find a good one.Once we find a good paedrician we should stick with him.

  4. daniel,
    You can ask around friends or relatives to recommend one.

    shern's mom,
    Thanks very much for the compliment. I just used a standard template that is all. :)

    Fortunately we've not had to change. We just have another one to go to as a backup in case this one is closed for whatever reason.

  5. Actually, I think a lot of times, it depends on the chemistry between the doctor and the patient. I have tried going to one particular paeditrician who is quite popular but I just can't seem to find it comfortable with her. So, I moved on to another. Human chemistry is a funny thing sometimes. :)

  6. tot's mom,
    You're right. Chemsitry plays a part too. You must click and be on the same wavelength.

  7. hi :) you know what, this is a great piece of advice that all first-time moms must ponder about! we were lucky that because our baby had problems when he was born, we managed to get hooked up with the best paed for him. a blessing in disguise indeed!

  8. babybooned,
    I guess this is just something that everyone takes for granted and never really give a thought about even though its really quite important.

  9. Hehe.. I never bring my girl to PD cos it was way too expensive. Luckily, the GP located around my house was a really caring doctor. I only started to see a PD in France since it was covered under medical insurance. ;P


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