Friday, November 30, 2007

Recommended Breastfeeding Links for mums intending to breastfeed

I did some housekeeping for this blog recently and trimmed away the unnecessary. I have decided to put in the following links which used to sit on my sidebar as a separate post instead because I think it will be more helpful and easier to find for mother's searching for information and help on breastfeeding.

So here it is, the sites I used frequently and found particularly useful during my breastfeeding days. I would certainly recommend it to all mothers to be who are planning to breastfeed their babies.

I had a lot of difficulties breastfeeding both my babies. If you have difficulties and would like to talk to me, you can email me at You can read about my breastfeeding journey from the difficult first moments right up to the tears free weaning by browsing through the breastfeeding category on this blog.

Breastfeeding Links

  • - A very good and detailed resource on breastfeeding. I referred to it again and again especially the parts on breastfeeding and medication (because I was prescribed antibiotics several times to treat my mastitis infection) and the use of nipple shields when I was considering one. However these are not the only subjects you can find. Like I said its a very comprehensive breastfeeding site and I recommend it to all mums who are preparing to breastfeed or are breastfeeding

  • La Leche League International - A place to get help locally by finding the local chapters near you

  • - Another good breastfeeding resource

  • Breastfeeding Stories - The stories from the other mothers who faced difficulties inspired and encouraged me through the difficult moments. I printed those who had similiar problems as me and read through their success stories to encourage myself

  • Breastfeeding Handouts by Dr Newman - I love this man and his free handouts. Some of the techniques described are really valuable to me. I read the handout "When baby refuses to latch on" over and over again. His statement that "baby will usually latch on by 8 weeks of age no matter what" kept me going

  • Babycentre Buletin Board on Breastfeeding - Read and talk to other mothers going through the same thing as you

  • Malaysia's Parenting & Breastfeeding Forum - I'm a Malaysian and this is a good place for Malaysian mothers to get help on breastfeeding

The above sites are not listed in any particular order though my favourites would be kellymom, Dr Newman and the Breastfeeding Stories sites. Whether you are a regular reader or you found this blog through a search engine, I hope it helps you too. I believe that all breastfeeding mothers share a special bond not only with their babies but with all other breastfeeding mothers throughout the world. Cheers!

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  1. dolphine,
    Thanks. I like it too. Hehe.

  2. Hi..Thank God i found this post..i have link this post..for me to check over and over again..i am new and have lots to learn

    btw, i have email you once

    denna @deana

  3. Finally manage to breastfeed Max, though still not enough milk but better than not giving at all.

    He's the best breastpump, no need to be sterilised.


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