Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Quotes for Wives

Someone sent me an email full of marriage quotes but this one stood out for me.

"A successful marriage depends on two things, finding the right person and being the right person."

Thats true isn't it. This is definitely a big challenge to me. It is not easy to "be" the right person. You have to work really really hard at being the right person. I don't think I work hard enough at it. If I did my husband wouldn't still always be complaining about how unsupportive I am of him. :P Looks like I have to work much harder at this in 2008.

Why do I include a quote for wives in a mother's blog? Because I think that "To be a good mother, you need to start by being a good wife." Its interlinked, these two. Being a good wife and mother. Its easier to be a good mother when you're a happy wife. And when you work really hard at being a good wife, you will find that you have a good husband in return.

This will be my last post for this blog for this year. So I would like to leave visitors with this message to ponder on as we move on to the new year.

Happy New Year everyone. May we all have another happy year as a mother and a wife. Cheers!

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  1. CHeers! I certainly agree with the quote. Are you leaving for holidays?
    Anyway, see you nest year.

    May Your New year filled with joy, health and wealth. :)

  2. everydayhealy,
    No, I'm not going anywhere. Just lazy to blog. Hehe. Happy New Year 2008. May all your wishes for the New Year come true. Cheers.

  3. wishing you a new year of good wife-ness, good health, wealth, peace and abundance joy!!

  4. Happy New Year to U!
    yes, it is a very good quote. Just as important as this one for dads: The best gift a father can give his child is to Love his wife.

  5. Am I seeing things? Where are the posts between 10 and 26 Dec? Or was it your other blog that I visited??? Sigh, I must be getting old...

  6. mommy of 3 angels, stay-at-home mum,

    Thanks for the wishes ladies.

    Yes, it was the other blog you visited so you must be getting old but not nearly as old as me. New Year coming we'll be yet another year older soon. Hahaha.

  7. Thanks for dropping by. :)
    Wishing you a very happy new year and the best wishes to your family as well. :)

  8. It's certainly not easy to be both a good mum and a good wife, needs a lot of sacrifices and commitment.
    Here's wishing you and your family a very fruitful and happy new 2008!

  9. Hi! What about the post on directing us to read the caning post in your personal blog? I thought it was in Dec? Hmm... Ah, and also the sticky post on plagiarism, plus the sponsored one that I liked? I can't seem to find them, maybe not this blog?

  10. Happy New Year to you & your family. Hope 2008 will bring you much happpiness and good health!

  11. Thank you for the wishes everyone.

    Sorry for the confusion. Those blog posts are on my Parenting Times
    blog. Hehe.

  12. aiyoh, see, I'm all confused. I thought they are the same, no wonder the look is different - I tot you changed the theme! Terrible me!


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