Thursday, November 29, 2007

Welcome to the New Mothering Times

Well, its the same Mothering Times actually. Same content but with a new look. I've been wanting to make changes for as long as I can remember because I hated the old boring blogger look but the task of changing seem so intimidating I never got round to doing it.

Well, I've done it at last and I like the results. This is much better than the old template and much more representative of what this blog is all about. Its about motherhood and bringing up babies hence the baby images.

We became mothers the moment our babies are born. That is the start of our lifelong journey as mothers. It is the beggining of a wondrous journey. I love being a mother. Don't you?

Psst. One more thing before I forget. I got this new template from FinalSense. I think they have a wonderful selection of blogger templates and deserve a mention here. Its easy to install too as I just found out after months of putting it off. :)

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  1. I like your new skin. How did u do it?

  2. ling,
    See the link in my post? You can go there and select a skin you like, then just follow the instructions.

  3. How did you manage to do it.I think you must use lots of time to do it.thanks for sharing the template:)I might change mine soon.

  4. sweetiepie,
    If you don't have a lot of customisation then its really easy. All you have to do is cut and paste the given code as directed and hey presto everything changes. Its only time consumming for me because I have to put in my customisation. :)

  5. I like this new template of yours too. You are right! It suits you and the content of the blog! :)


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