Friday, November 02, 2007

The Generous Wife

I want to take a moment to share a site which I have been subscribing to for some time now.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
A positive thought a day keeps the blues away.

On the same principle, I hope that a tip a day on how to become a better wife will make me a better wife. With this in mind, I subscribed to the newsletter from The Generous Wife website. Its meant for Christian wives but I think the tips are useful to everyone. Here is an example of a tip I received from my subcription. Its the tip for Thursday, October 25, 2007. I like the tip. I hope you find it useful too.


Several of the guys shared about the pull between work and home. They voiced the need for understanding over the conflict between work and family needs. They want to make time for family, but their job is what supports their family and it needs to have appropriate attention. It's not always easy to take time off for family things or call from work (when they do call, please realize that they may have to keep it short or that they may be interrupted). Basically it was a plea for understanding that their day is complicated too and they need to invest in their work. A spin off of that was a need for a warm welcome and not having to face responsibilities or troubles the moment they get home. Some even wanted/needed a bit of quiet time when they first got home from work to make the jump from work to family.

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  1. my husband used to exercise (playing badminton) to release his tension. But how about us as working woman and also take the most responsibilities for taking care of baby?

  2. penny,
    We workout together with baby loh.


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