Thursday, October 25, 2007

A mother is all I ever wanted to be

I have found my vocation, my calling. A mother is all I ever wanted to be. I'm not a very good mother but I'm learning all the time. Its a dynamic, life long learning process. What could be more exciting than that. This is not a stagnant, boring, 9-5 kinda job. Its very dynamic.

Perhaps some may see me as not very ambitious but who cares as long as I'm happy and I am. I am a happy stay at home mum (SAHM), thats what they call housewives these days in case you don't know. And contrary to what most people may think, I'm not rotting at home. I'm growing, personally and emotionally.

I will never regret giving up my job and looking back and wishing that I had given myself a chance instead of staying at home with the kids because this is where I want to be. What have I given up? Nothing at all. Like I mention, I think I am growing more at home and I am always learning new things. Life is never dull, mundane, routine or boring. Sometimes I wish for a little bit of time for myself but that is all the complaint I have.

This is me but others may differ. If you are ever contemplating giving up your job to be with the kids then you must make sure that home is really where your heart is. Otherwise you may ask yourself the "What if....?" question one day. I'm not saying that home is not in your heart. Home is in everyone's heart but you must be truthful to yourself. Is it the only place, at the topmost of your priorities? Or would you be a happier mum if you are working? I am sure you know the answer to that.

If you think that you are happier working then you should not let anyone pressure you into staying at home for the kids. Stay home only if that is what you really want. Similarly if you think you will be happier at home, don't be pressured to work unless you really have no choice due to financial reasons. In that case then just do the best that you can and enjoy your kids and your home after work instead of feeling unhappy about the situation.

Whatever your choice may be, working or staying at home or working at home, your family will benefit from a happier mum so make sure its really your choice.

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  1. thanx for this post and also the support to my blog :-) I had been struggling abt being a SAHM.. probably still is but feel better after reading yr posts.. cheers.. visit often ya

  2. sting,
    Cheers to you too. Don't you find that you have no time to be bored as a SAHM. I don't. I'm at home most of the time because the kids are still young but I always wish I have more time! :)


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