Monday, August 24, 2015

5 Tips For Choosing A Halloween Costume For Your Pets

1. Simplicity. Keep your costume choices simple. A few pieces of nicely fitted costume would be better than a full fledge costume with hats and other frills that your pet may tear apart. Cats and Dogs, especially the more active ones may not enjoy wearing full costumes with scarfs and more.

2. Safety. Don't choose a poor quality pet Halloween costume that may fall apart at the seems or one that your dog may rip apart. These will cause the costume to become a hazard to your pet.

3. Comfort and Size. Remember to measure your pet and choose a costume that is of the best fit, not one that is too tight to constrict breathing or one that has lose material being dragged around. Comfort is very important when choosing a pet costume as pets are not accustomed to wearing them.

4. Budget. Try to get a good balance between quality and cost. Since your pet will only be wearing the costume once, don't spend too much on an expensive item, yet do not compromise on quality as you don't want the costume to fall apart at the first pull or bite!

5Matching Costumes. If your pet will be constantly near or around you, why not consider a matching costume? Pet lovers can consider telling everyone how much they love their pets by declaring "this is my pet!" with a matching costume.

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