Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Halloween Coloring Books For Adults

Coloring Books For Adults is the rage now. Have you been caught up in the new craze of adult coloring? I have. I have joined Adult Coloring Facebook Groups. In the group the adults share their coloring completed or work in progress projects. It is simply amazing. The beauty and fun of it all. It is supposed to be stress relieving too. I am not too sure about that. I am usually so tied up in so many of my online writing projects, I don't have spare time. So if I am coloring, I would be thinking of all the other things that I have to do. I resorted to adult coloring apps instead. They are much faster but probably half the fun.

Anyway, Halloween will be coming soon, so I just want to share with my readers, all of these fantastic Adult Coloring Books with Halloween or Autumn theme that I would love to have!

1. Halloween Scapes - has 30 full page Halloween related patterns for adults to color. You can expect to color detailed images of candies, witches, jack-o-lanterns and other fun Halloween patterns from this one.

2. Halloween Coloring Book - This Coloring book is approved for adults who want to color for pleasure and stress relief. I think this makes a great gifts for all adults including seniors as a new hobby.

3. All About Autumn has two volumes and 60 designs in all. The designs are very detailed and full of autumn inspiration including pumpkins and autumn leaves. Designs are printed on single sided pages so you can frame and display your beautiful artwork once you're done. Great as an autumn decoration for your home.

4. Here is another Autumn Coloring book for adults with leaves. florals and autumn wreaths. What is different about this adult coloring book is the shadowing effect which gives it a 3-D look. Have fun with this one and show off  your creations on social media. You can join those FB Adult Coloring groups. They're a great way to connect with other adults who love coloring.

5. You'll find 20 pages to color plus 2 bonus designs on this one. The twist to the Mandalas in this Adult Coloring Book is they are eerie and suspenseful looking. 

These 5 Halloween coloring books should keep you busy all of Autumn I should think. In case these are not enough, here are more choices for you.

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