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10 Tips For Choosing A Halloween Costume For Your Child

You Can Use These Tips For Picking Child Costumes Online

1. When to buy. Buy early especially if you are buying online. Don't buy last minute as the costumes go fast. When you receive your costume, check it immediately for any problems and try it out so that you won't be caught last minute without a proper costume.

2. Get the right fit. Fitting is important so that your child will be comfortable. You will probably be shopping ahead, so give time for your child to grow into the costume. You may not get the exact size you want so opt for larger rather than smaller sizes. If a costume is too tight, there is not much you can do about it. A larger costume can be slightly altered to make it fit better. However, make sure it is not too long so your child won't trip over it. Remember that the clothing size number for example size 4-6 does not mean it is for kids aged 4-6.

3. Check descriptions. Remember to check what you will be getting when you buy your costume. Sometimes what you see is not what you will get. For example, you see a beautiful picture of a child in full costume with mask, boots and props. However if you read the find print carefully, you may find that the mask and props are not included.

4. Read the reviews. This is very important. If you read the reviews carefully, you may find that a costume is not what it seems for example the workmanship may be poor and the material thin and of poor quality. However, having said this, do keep in mind that many costumes may not be of very fine workmanship and quality because they are not meant for daily wear and tear. However, you don't want to end up with a costume that tears after the first wear.

5. Safety issues. Safety First, Cuteness Second. Get costumes that are made of non-flammable material. Watch out for capes that are too long or wings that may catch especially for babies, toddlers and very young children. Avoid long scarves that drape over the neck for young children. Add a little reflective tape to your child's costume especially if it is made of dark material or let them wear glow in the dark bracelets so they can be seen by motorists.

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6. Props and accessories. If these are not included with your costume, do get your child some props so they can have fun with it. Again, remember to get props that are made of soft material such as foam instead of hard plastic for magic wands or toy swords.

7. Comfort. Remember to keep your child's comfort in mind. Tiaras may be adorable and masks cute but not when your child keeps on pulling at it. You may like to consider face painting instead of masks but remember to make sure that the paint is safe. When getting masks, check that the strings hold the masks in place properly and the eye holds are at the proper place so that it does not block your child's vision.

8. Think about the weather. Will it be warm or cold? Dress your child up in appropriate costumes to keep them warm or cool as the case may be. If it is going to be chilly, get costumes that have space for warm clothes underneath. If it is going to be warm, avoid costumes that have many layers or furry ones.

9. Walking Shoes. Get shoes that fit and are comfortable to walk it. You can get shoes that match the costumes but make sure your child tries it out and make sure they are comfortable for walking around it.

10. Costume Themes. Decide on a theme for your child's costume especially for siblings. You may choose matching themes for brothers or brothers and sisters or allow your child to choose their own favorite costumes if they prefer.

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