Thursday, July 07, 2011

Dressing up during Pregnancy

Dressing up during Pregnancy. The celebrities do it. They have no choice. They have an image to maintain for fans. Besides, they probably have wardrobe and image consultants plus body and make-up specialists not to mention assistants to make sure not a hair or hem is out of place but what about us ordinary folks?

Bad Morning Sickness

Dressing up during pregnancy is a chore, well for me at least. It would take considerable effort for me to look presentable and good during pregnancy. Forget about looking like the ever lovely Angelica Jolie pictured above.

This was especially more so because I had very bad morning sickness during my pregnancies. Not just in the mornings as its name seem to suggest but all through the day AND night, each and EVERY day. There was no letting up!

Comfortable Maternity Clothes = Ugly?

I remember one of my favourite outfits during my first pregnancy was a  navy blue, small checked dress. It looked rather like a table cloth but it was comfortable and cooling (very important!). I wore it all the time, even though it did make me look like a walking table cloth!

Then there was this oversized yellow T-shirt that was a hand me down. The wearer before me had found it to be comfortable too so she passed it on to me. It was old and being a T-shirt, the hem had become out of shape as the rest of me were.

When you are worrying about whether you can keep down your next meal, you wouldn't have the energy nor the inclination to worry about your looks, believe me. Where to throw up without making too much of a mess was my at the top of my worry list then, not how I look.

I wish I had known about barf bags!

I did it in the car, in the drain, at the malls and anywhere else which was convenient and nearest before the "volcano" errupted. I hear they sell barf bags now like the airsickness bags they have on airplanes. How convenient. In my time, I had to carry a plastic bag along with me all the time. Once I had to take my plastic bag out in the middle of the traffic lights in town during a traffic jam!

Another time, I had brussel sprouts and before I knew it, I had to pick brussel sprouts from out of my nostrils because I had had the most violent projectile vomit I ever experienced. They don't call it "projectile" for nothing!

Dressing up during pregnancy? Hah! I choose comfort anytime. Can you tell that I am not of those lucky types which simply glowed during pregnancy?

Shoes for Pregnant Ladies - Heels or Flats?

What about shoes? No heels for me that is for sure. I remember I wore the lowes of heels to work and I had to walk down the hill and across the road from my carpark to my office every morning at the time. One morning, I was walking down the hill as usual when SPLAT!

I had to consult my gynae and worried for weeks about the baby after that fall during my first pregnancy. Your centre of gravity shifts during pregnancy so balance it up with good shoes. Heels during pregnancy are a no-no. I threw out my heels after that and wore flatties. Besides there are many nice looking ballerina flats these days.

Comfortable Maternity Clothes = Not Ugly!

I smartened up during my second pregnancy. By then, the maternity clothes became trendier and with "smarter technology" haha. They had trousers and skirts that could expand magically to fit  your expanding body. So I had the chance to look a bit more presentable as I was able to select some nicer mix and matched outfits with prettier blouses in sweet and bright shades to match those magic expandable bottoms. I said goodbye to my blue checked navy cloth dress but still wore it occassionally because it was really comfortable and cooling.

If you are pregnant, remember the most important thing is your baby and your comfort. Do remember to take care of yourself. If you really have no energy, it is ok if you don't look like a celebrity. Don't feel miserable about it. It is only a short time in your life and before you know it, you can dress up again. Or you can get one of those magic expandable outfits and mix them around like me and still look presentable. :)

However, be warned, that high heels aren't exactly the kind of shoes made for chasing after a toddler but then that is another story. Don't be scared off by this. Everything will be worth it. When you gaze at your newborn, such frivilous matters like  how you look will slip to the back of your mind. Really!

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  1. When I got pregnant with my 1st I vowed not to dress up like the frumpy looking pregnant ladies of old - you know those who wore dresses that looked more like tents. Maternity clothes are getting trendier these days and they're comfortable too.

  2. I love being Pregnant many years ago.. i love wearing loose, light cotton dresses during my pregnancy.. i love to walk "kang kang", (legs open wider than usual).. and i love when people commented my stomach so small and high.. hahahaa... gosh!

  3. I love being pregnant, 'cos never have to worry about what to wear. Just rotate among that 5 pieces. *Huge Laugh*

  4. mom2kiddos,
    You sound like you kept to your vow. :)

    My stomach was not small and high. My friend said I looked like a beached whale. Hahaha.

    You can recycle them too for future pregnancies. ;)

  5. it was defnitely comfort first. Now I'm no longer pregnant, it's still comfort first. ;)

  6. Martha,
    Yes, some clothes can really kill! In terms of discomfort. Haha.


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