Friday, June 30, 2006

Falls During Pregnancy

I fell down on the 28th week of my first pregnancy. I was as not careful as I should have been. During pregnancy our center of gravity shifts making us more susceptible to falls so I should have been more careful.

The car park was a distance from my office where I worked, about 5-10 minutes walk and it included a rather steep downhill road. I was quite big at 28th week and there I was hurrying along the downhill road, belly first and before I knew it, I was down on my knees and hands and a lady walking near me was rushing to my aid.

Well, I got quite a big scare, a tetanus shot and sleepless nights for weeks from worrying about the baby and a scar on my knee which remains till today. I don't care about the scar. Baby was not hurt and that was all that mattered to me.

The point of this post? No matter how rushed or hurried you are in your daily life, remember to take it easy during pregnancy. Remember to thread carefully when you walk, try to eat well, get more sleep and rest and try to cut out stress from your life.

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  1. and remember to where good comfortable shoes. I was blessed with no swollen ankles during my pregnancy. I've seen moms late in their pregnancy wearing high heels. Unless you're a celeb, don't torture your feet! :)

  2. You are lucky, Vien. I had giant feet! And they never quite got back into their pre-pregnancy size :( Ditto what you said about celebrities and high heels.

  3. I had 2 clumsy fall on my first pregnancy but both landed on my bum. Fortunately nothing happen. Doc sez pregnant ladies are more clumsy to balance the extra weight. So have to be extra careful.

  4. You fell down TWICE? We do get pretty clumsy during pregnancy don't we?

  5. i was just walking out of my room when all of a sudden i fell. i am 16 weeks. i didn't trip on anything, just kinda started to fall and couldn't catch anything, so i landed sideways, with my arms supporting me. didn't squish my tummy, but it definitely made me nervous (and glad no one witnessed!)

  6. i fell down monday morning walking the kids to the bus stop guess i underestimated the 4 porch steps i landnded on my right ankle and it gave way and i landed on my left side i am 31 weeks and i didnt feel the baby move till a couple of hours later and i have a doctors appt tomorrow i will some one drive me over as i cannot even stand on my own due to the swelling in my ankle just hope everything is ok with baby

  7. Oh Anon,
    I hope you are alright. Its such a scare to fall during pregnancy. The anxiety is worse than the pain. Take care.

  8. "I just fell a few minutes ago. I didn't land on my rear, as much as I landed on my hip. I fell about 7 feet. Hit my elbow, too. I'm just really worried that the fall is going to be the LEAST painful thing."

    To the lady who left this comment which I accidentally deleted as spam, please visit your doctor to have a checkup firstly to make sure that everything is all right (7 feet is high) and secondly for peace of mind. Take care.


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