Friday, July 22, 2011

A Mother’s Worth

The other day, my boy said to me…. “Mummy, you are like 99 billion diamonds.” Now that put a big smile on my face because I know diamonds are important to him. He wants to become a diamond miner when he grows up, you see. He thinks that he will make a lot of money by mining diamonds. (A result of reading too many adventure books and watching too many adventure films as well).

His sister piped in "”No, no, mummy is like………. hmm like…… more than billion diamonds, cannot describe.” She couldn’t put a value to it. Now, that made me smile even more.

Well, my darlings, you both are priceless!

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  1. Your children are really really very sweet, don't you know that? You've brought them up really very well. Give yourself a pat on your back. I even feel a bit jealous hoping mine will be as sweet as yours..hehe

    btw, thanks for tagging me and I've respond to it!;)

  2. That was soooo very sweet! You sure are a precious mom to your kids!

  3. Carolyn,
    Thanks for doing the tag.

    Shreeja N,
    And they kids are very precious to me too. :)

  4. aawww.. so sweet :) heart melts just by reading the post


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