Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Planning for Home Ownership

I think that all parents should plan for home ownership as early as possible. Once the baby comes and once they start schooling, there are many other expenses we have to worry about. If we keep on delaying taking up a loan, you will find that you will never find the right time to buy and own a house of your own.

This is even more so for parents who are military members. It is better to plan early and look around for a suitable military mortgage. One of the greatest benefits of a VA loan is being able to purchase with no down payment.

In addition, the veteran mortgage rates can be rather competitive so qualified veterans should take advantage of this during home purchase planning.

Here is an overview of the VA Home Loan Program from the Department of Veterans Affairs where one can check on eligibility, how it works, size of loans and the steps in the process.

Veterans of Foreign Wars who are eligible should take advantage of the VA Home Loan Program. Despite its name, not only veterans are elible, active duty personnel, certain reservists and National Guard members as well as certain specified classes of spouses are eligible too.

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