Monday, April 25, 2011

She saw through me

Yesterday we were at dinner and I casually mentioned that I did not allow the kids to play any computer  games at all accept once a week on Thursdays. That is the day allocated for computer games but only after they have completed their homework. Blah blah blah.

Suddenly the girl retorted "Mummy, I know why  you said that. You said that so that daddy won't scold you. So that he will know that you never let us just play games and you take care of us well." :P

Daddy gave a big knowing smile and said "Yes, mummy is good, when we go home, I shall give her a biscuit."

In another unrelated incident also during dinner, the boy looked up at the fast approaching night sky then pointed to all the nearby condo with the windows starting to light up and said "Mummy, they are all getting ready to go to sleep, maybe they are reading books too, just like us!" :)

Oh, how I do love the kids and their innocent remarks.

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  1. LOL. I laughed at the part your husband said that you are good and he will give you a biscuit. Too funny. Looks like you have a very happy family there.

  2. Carolyn,
    With a red face (for having a 9 year old read my intentions), I said "Biscuit only meh? Give cake lah" Hehehe.


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