Friday, April 08, 2011

Do you scold your child in public?

The other day in school I saw a mother put out some lunch on the table for her kids. I saw that she had brought bowls from home and placed them on the table with a hot flask of food. However, all this effort that this lady did to bring hot lunch came to naught when I saw her speak to her child a moment later.

She was scolding the girl in a loud voice. She went on and on, took out the girl's communication book, pointed a finger at it and shook it about. Then she went on to a group of other mothers and showed them the book all the while scolding the girl in a loud voice. As if that was not bad enough, she pointed at the book a few times her finger jabbing at it and showed it to her driver and spoke to him in a loud voice about it while still scolding the girl. Everyone in the cafeteria could hear her.

I do scold my child in public, especially if I think the misbehaviour warrants an immediate reprimand. However, I better remember this mum the next time I do so. If I were the child, I would have shrunk to nothingness, wished the floor would open up or dig my head in like an ostrich the way the mum was going on and on.

I read about it all the time. We as mothers, should never discipline in anger but to teach. Of course this is much easier said than done. Quite often, I scold out of anger, frustration and exasperation. I really should learn to control myself better. If you have any ideas for self control do share it, other than the count to 10 and hold your breathe idea. :)

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  1. Sad to say , I am QUILTY of doin it especially when I get frustrated ...test my p1 spelling... for some words she just can't get in ...but for others it a shoo in!
    Of , course , when I see her tearing, I feel so sad,QUILTY etc...
    I know I shouldn't be scolding her , as I 've been through it with my 3 older ones many years ago...but I guess it's my expectations that is too inflexible !

  2. When my kids are up to mischief in public.,I call out to them sternly and give them the stern /annoyed look. They know and will immediately behave

  3. Never ever do it so far... hopefully not in the future!

  4. i do not scold her loudly in public. i would tell her sternly or give her a warning when she misbehaves. what the mother in your post did was bad. feel sorry for her daughter.


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