Wednesday, May 04, 2011

When is Mother's Day 2011

Yesterday someone mentioned to me that Mother's Day is this weekend. Oh? Is it? I had no idea. That is because we don't celebrate it. On that day it will be more of the same. If I am in a good mood, then I will be happy to celebrate doing more of the same. If I am in the lousy mood, I will pout for feeling unappreciated. haha. Just kidding. The kids are still young. What do they know about Mother's Day or Father's Day.

They learn what is being taught to them in schools. They learn to sing Mother's Day songs and do Mother's Day craft. Sometimes they will sell Mother's Day fake flowers in school and the kids will get all excited and want to "Buy" one for mummy. They love to "buy" things.

My girl said "Mummy, I saw them selling Mother's Day flowers again this year. Will you let me buy? Last year you all did not allow me to buy. It was RM5 a flower. Can I buy?"
"Go ask your father, I said. It is supposed to be for me, right, so why are you asking me?" lol. But then I tell her seriously that I do not need anything from her, just a hug will make me very happy indeed. (I know that she likes to "buy" but to me if they are good, that is the best gift of all. Still, I hope that daddy will let her "buy" just so she can experience the joy of giving and in "buying" too I suppose.)

Yes, I remember last year. I saw the kids who managed to buy the flowers, holding the flowers proudly while those who did not get to buy looking a bit envious. Hmm... quite a novel way of the school to make some money.

So when is Mother's Day 2011? It is on 8 May 2011. That is the 2nd Sunday of May. Father's Day falls on the 3rd Sunday of June. That would be 19 June 2011. How to remember this? Why ladies first of course! Mother's Day is celebrated one month before Father's Day and a week earlier during that month too.

I know quite a lot of mothers who plan with their kids how to celebrate Father's Day but quite often Father's do not know how to plan how to celebrate Mother's Day. Mothers often feel disappointed because of this. As far as I am concerned, there is nothing to be disappointed about. My spouse is not my child so why should he celebrate Mother's Day with me? It would be different if it is Wife's Day (Hey! maybe they should have a Wife's Day, I would like that but my spouse probably wouldn't. Haha.)

Anyway, I help the kids make cards etc for their daddy for Father's Day because I want to teach them to appreciate him. Appreciating people is a very important lesson in life. So we do this little things, not only for daddy but for the kids too.

As for daddy, I think he would like it best if there were as little "days" to celebrate as possible. Thinking about how to celebrate them gives him a headache, I think. ;) He is going to have such a big headache this coming two months. We just celebrated my boy's birthday recently. This month, we have my girl's birthday, Mother's Day, our Wedding Anniversary and next month we have my birthday and Father's Day. Haha. Yes, he is going to have a very huge splitting headache. I know that he would be happy to celebrate only the children's birthdays and conveniently forget about the all the rest but I have marked them on his table calander. ;)

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  1. I don't know why but it's in men's genes to conveniently forget to celebrate 'not so' important dates for them. They should really have a wife's day. LOL.

    One thing though, at least you husband has a table calendar.:P

  2. hmm...i don't actually know the date of Mother's Day. Is it this weekend? I haven't seen many advertisement this time :) It's so thoughtful of your girl to suggest buying you flowers :)

  3. Carolyn,
    He can't help but have a table calendar. He is so organised.... accept that his being organised does not include remembering dates. lol.

    mommy to chumsy,
    Everyone's buying it so she does not want to be left out! Haha. What is thoughtful is, she decided that she wanted to buy two more of the same flower for two of her teachers because they don't sell the flowers during teacher's day. So she said she and her friend thought it would be a good idea to buy them now and keep for their teachers.

  4. Hello MG,

    I remember how my siblings and I used to always get some kind of gift(s) for our mum during this "special" day each year. We actually saved our pocket money to get the gift(s). However, I/we never actually got anything for our dad except for homemade or over the counter Father's Day card - hmmm ...

    Now, being a husband and father, I never actually think much about this particular day too except for my family's birthdays. Many a times, it is "what to get or buy" for the mother of my kids and that can cause a pretty "big headache" to me. So, if I remember on the actual day itself, I will just do something nice for her - no gifts due to indecision. Guess there is a "big" difference between man and woman when it comes to such issues. I know she "does" expect some form of gift but I do not know what to get for her as there is no telling if she likes the gift I get - tough one ;P.

  5. Greg,
    Yes, there is a big difference isnt' it? If you don't know what to get, the best thing is to ask, but then you might get a "I don't know" or a "You should know" or "It doesn't matter (when it does) or "Its up to you" followed by unhappiness if you get it wrong. No wonder men get a big headache during festivities and celebrations. lol.

    My husband cleverly disqualified himself from buying gifts by suggesting that we celebrate the kids birthdays instead of ours. Thats quite alright because I have no idea what to get him either! So we have the same headache actually. Best to get it cleared out and in the open on how you would like to get it done instead go going through this year in and year out. ;)


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