Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Finding a good pediatrician

A baby!

Last night my husband received an sms from his good friend who had just become a father to a baby girl. His friend sent a photo along with his sms. I can't stop marvelling at new technology and the way we connect these days. Looking at the baby's picture made me smile.

When we became new parents

It reminded us both of the time when we first became new parents around 9 years ago. My goodness! Has it been that long? It seems like just yesterday. We were really blur parents then. We didn't have any help so we did everything ourselves with a little help from the Internet. We would look up the Internet to find out what colour baby's poo should be, whether green, yellow or mustard and how often baby should pee or poo etc.

We received a lot of advice from friends and well meaning relatives but that only made us more confused. However, I must say that one very very important advice that most people forget is "choosing a good pediatrician". One should do this even before baby is born not after. After baby is born you will be very busy with many things. You won't have time to find a good Pediatric Hospital then.

The first time....

I remember we went to see the pediatrician that was recommended by my gynaecologist at the same hospital because we didn't know any other. It was convenient but I did not like the pediatrician at all. He treated my baby like a slab of meat.

Furthermore, being very blur new parents, we took baby there in just short sleeved clothing and a diaper. We had to wait for hours in that cold waiting room to see the doctor. We looked around at other babies all wrapped up in their warm blankets with mittens and booties and warm woolen hats and laughed at ourselves when we looked at our poor cold baby. I will never forget that first time we took baby out to the pediatrician. That was also the last time we saw that particular pediatrician.

A good pediatrician at last

Eventually, we found a very good pediatrician recommended by friends. She is wonderful and our kids still see her till today. Since Pediatric Health Care is so important (you will be seeing the pediatrician almost every month during the early months), it is important that you find a good one even before your baby is born. This is what I always tell my pregnant friends these days. I think that is the one most useful advise I can  give them.

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