Monday, March 07, 2011

Stressed out SAHM

I am tired.

  • I am tired of being questioned
  • I am tired of "suggestions"
  • I am tired of being thought of as "always complaining"
  • I am tired of this statement "you don't know how lucky you are, yet you are always complaining"
  • I am tired of other people trying to get me to do things their way
  • I am tired of being thought of as lazy or doing things the wrong way
  • I am tired of rushing all the time
  • I am tired of being rushed all the time
  • I am tired of being threatened when I voice out my unhappiness
  • I am tired of not having any emotional support
  • I am tired of being on my toes all the time
  • I am tired of not doing things "right" whichever way I do it
  • I am tired of not being able to please people whichever way I do it
  • I am tired of having my self confidence eroded slowly but surely
Because I know....
  • I am doing the very best that I can under the circumstances
  • I am rushing as best that I can
  • Voicing out unhappiness is not a complaint
  • Taking time out for myself is not being lazy
  • Taking care of myself is not being selfish
  • At times putting myself first before the children is not wrong when I put them first 99% of the time
  • Trying to slow down is not wasting time
  • I know that I am already rushing and I don't need constant reminders to hurry up
  • My way may not always be right but it is not entirely wrong either
  • I need to be able to do things my "wrong" way and be appreciated for it instead of being criticised
  • I need to be self confident in order to raise self confident children. I do not need to be put down frequently till my confidence is slowly eroded
  • I know I am doing a good job even if others don't think so
Oh, I could go on and on but who will listen? No one will. They only think I am complaining. Nevermind, I shall be my own pity party and then I will pick myself up and carry on as usual with or without appreciation or thanks.

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  1. Hugz to you, MG. I have my down moment on and off too, feeling that I have not done enough for the children and good at nothing compare to other supermoms.

  2. Can identify with all the feelings too. Just hang in there and big hugs to you. You are doing great as a mum and don't feel otherwise.

  3. If you are sure you are doing the right thing, why care about what others say? Unless the other is your other half. As a family, parents should stick together through thick and thin and provide emotional support for each other.

  4. Elaine,
    We have our ups and downs.


    Its my other half or I wouldn't be so stressed.


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