Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day 2008

Just a short record of what we did to remind me in my old days. :)

It was business as usual. Hubby was sick. I woke up made breakfast for everybody. Cleaned up. Washed and hung up some clothes. Did some ironing. Then we went out to do our grocery shopping. We stopped at the bookshop to browse for a while. Then hubby said I could choose what to eat for lunch because it was Mummy's Day.

I saw that he was tired and just wanted to go home and we hadn't done our shopping yet so I picked Pizza to make the kids happy and so we could go home as soon as we could to rest. That made the boy cry because he wanted to eat McDonalds. He soon forgot his tears when he saw the sprite and the twisty garlic bread.

After our grocery shopping we came home to rest. We only woke up in time for dinner. We went out to nearby coffee shop for dinner. Again, hubby said I could pick the dishes because it was Mummy's Day. Haha. So we had steamed fish and butter prawns and omellettes. Hubby asked the kids to feed me the prawns because it was Mummy's Day and so they did, much to their delight.

When we got home, it was time to throw out the rubbish and boil water and time for bed again. A routine but nice day and sweet of hubby to remind the kids to think of "mummy" even though he was sick.

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  1. Hi..came over from Ricket's blog..
    Your hubby is so sweet..hope he had receovered by now..

  2. Hi Rachel,
    Welcome to my blog. He is recovering. :)

  3. Hello! Long time no see.

    Happy Mother's Day! *hugs*

    It should be celebrated every day. :)

    You mean, most of the time when you go out for meals, you don't get to choose your favourite dishes ah? Poor mummy. :P


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