Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Do you look like your mother?

Mother's Day is coming so I just want to reminisce about my mom a little bit. She died when I was 10.

Mom was beautiful. I'm afraid that none of her 3 daughters inherited her looks. Hahaha. No, I don't look like her but I've been told that I am rather like her. She was soft spoken. I'm supposed to be soft spoken too but you wouldn't know it when you hear me shouting at my kids. Haha.

Back to mum's looks. She had 5 of us to look after, make that 6 plus dad. She cooked and washed our family's clothing sitting down in the wet area of our house with several pails around her. Some were filled with soap and others with water for rinsing. Sometimes I would help her to rinse the clothes. She must have been pretty busy just looking after us but she still had time to pursue her favourite passtimes... baking and sewing. She was fantastic at both baking and sewing. How good it would be if she were alive or lived longer to teach me those things.

Anyway, I digress. Despite all this, she still had time to look after herself. I remember my mum putting creams on her face. Sometimes she would stand in front of the mirror and complain about her figure and asked us if she were putting on weight. Sometimes she would ask us to rub lime on her back so that she would have a smoother back I presume. In those days, people relied very much on home or alternative treatments. Mum never had the chance to try out all the types and varieties of creams and makeup that we have nowadays. Mum never even had a dressing table for what little things she had. Yet, she still tried to make and keep herself beautiful. We were poor back then. If only mum were still alive when we were a little bit better off. She worked so hard to take care of us but she never had the chance to enjoy any of the finer things in life.

Whats the point of this post? I don't really know. I just want to remember mum. Another thing, despite not getting her looks I should learn from her in looking after myself a little bit better. I think as a woman, we should all still be a little vain, in the sense that we should never let ourselves go completely. We should make the effort to dress up our face at least if not our bodies. Its good for the self esteem and overall confidence. Yes, that is what I shall try to learn from my mother.

What about the rest of you ladies. Do you look like your mother? Have you inherited any of her traits? What would you like to learn from her?

Anyway, Happy Mother's Day to all the Mother's who visit this blog. Hope you all have a good day. Despite my silly post the other day about Mother's Day Fantasy, the fact is all I am going to do on Mother's Day is stay home and be a MOTHER. The kids give me daily hugs and kisses so I'm going to enjoy that before they outgrow that! Lol!

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  1. I wish I had inherited my mom's traits. Jon begs to differ...he said i can biatch like my mom..hahaha...

  2. Haha. Thats a good trait to inherit. Very useful...

  3. We must love and appreacite our family member we have. Happy Mother's Day to you too.

  4. I look like my dad, but my daughter is the splitting image of me!!

    Happy Mothers Day to you!!

    (PS - I am back blogging with a secret diary now!!)

  5. vicky low,
    Happy Mother's Day to you too. :)

    Thats so cute. You must wear similiar outfits when you go out together. Hehe. I'm so glad to hear that you're still blogging. I've had my share of disappointments as well as unhappiness from certain comments that I received from people who did not follow or read my blog but merely made judgement on me based on one single post that I wrote. There were also incidents where those whom I thought were good friends turn out to be superficial and disappeared from my blog overnight and felt like mere ships that passed in the night. So sad. But in blogging in public, I guess we have to learn to expect and live with that. You can always share your secret diary with a few trusted blogger kakis now that Blogger allows password protection. Hehe.

    Happy Mother's Day to you. :)

  6. Being a mother .. is the singular most toughest job ever.

    I really tabik all mums.


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