Friday, May 16, 2008

Guilt laden Mommy

I feel guilty that I haven't been spending enough time teaching my boy. I spent more time teaching his sister before him because I had more time then.

But time is only an excuse. When somebody really, really wants to do something, they will be able to find the time for it.

So I'm laden with guilt. I should spend at least 1/2 hour or an hour in the morning teaching him when his sister is in school. After all that is what I am home for. I am home to spend time with the kids, not to blog. I keep telling myself that I will do it tomorrow.....

As a mommy, I feel lots and lots of guilt. I feel guilt when I don't spend enough time with the kids playing with them or teaching them. I feel guilty when I don't feed them proper nutritious foods but rely on fast foods when I don't have the time or when I am plain lazy. I feel guilty when I raise my hands on them in anger rather than to discipline. I feel guilty when they look over tired because they did not get enough rest. I could go on and on.

There is so much guilty feelings. I must learn to relax. A happy and relaxed mommy is better than one that is always worrying and feeling guilty. Then I feel guilty that I am not relaxing enough.....

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  1. That's all the guilt I'm having. (that's also the reason I sent my boy off to school :( coz I know I'm not discipline to teach him on a daily basis)

  2. Hi,

    Don't we all mothers have guilt..whether it's real or imagined! Just relax..the more we think about it... the worse it becomes.... :)

  3. I feel guilty if I'm relaxing! LOL!!!

    but, I too feel awful not spending time with my No.2. Look at us now, he's on the other computer, having fun with Handy Manny..whilst I'm here typing this comment!

    I fail la!

  4. elaine,
    Yah, it sure takes a lot of discipline and commitment, which we are lacking of. :P

    a gift from god,
    Relax...relax.... trying to relax. Hehe.

    Hahaha. And here I am replying to your comment while my no 2 is watching TV. I fail too!


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