Friday, September 28, 2007

Diary of a Blogaholic trying to treat her blogging addiction

Yesterday, I tried to treat my own blogging addiction by going cold turkey. How did it go? Well lets see, I was a good girl at first, I played playdoh with the kids which they love. I did snap some pictures of our playdoh to put in my parenting blog in the kids craft category later on. (Hey! I said I wouldn't go near my blog but I didn't say I wouldn't think about it right?)

I ate with the kids, bathed them, practised my piano, did my 20 minutes exercise routine. Then I sat down with one of them to teach him his ABC's online (Oops! Online again. But online for my baby not for me should not be counted right?). I nearly nodded off while looking at his ABCs. I don't do that when I'm blogging. I'm very wide awake. Hehe.

So, I was a good girl..... till 5pm when blog withdrawal symptoms promted me to write 3 blog posts in an hour. Oh dearie me. Cold turkey did not work! Nevermind, at least I aimed high and fell lower.

What I'm trying to ahieve here is blogging but blogging smartly. I have to find a balance. I'm trying to blog for shorter periods of time and still achieve the same delight and earnings in blogging. I'm trying to learn to blog at the speed of lightning so that I have time to do other things. Not only must I blog well, I must blog well and FAST.

Fortunately, I did some of my work assignments yesterday because there's more today and if I don't get them out of the way, they will snowball. I'm going to do the same today. I've written/published 5 blog posts this morning so I'm going to turn my back away from the PC for the rest of the day. But even as I write I received a pop-up mail from an advertiser. Fortunately, its payment, not another assignment. Phew! Otherwise I may be go back on my words and be stuck on my chair a while longer.

Ok. I'm off. Its Friday today. I will be back on Monday for another post but I will still be around in my comment boxes. Happy Weekend everyone!

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