Friday, September 14, 2007

Microwaved Chicken Stew

Here's another easy peasy recipe for lazy busy mums. Its Chicken Stew you can cook in 30 minutes (including preparation time) using the microwave oven.

I was done by the time I finished cleaning up the mess I left behind from cutting the vegetables so after eating there was very little cleaning up to do, only our plates. :) I hate cleaning up the dishes all at one time. Spacing it out like this makes it seem like less work.

Here's the recipe for my Microwaved Chicken Stew:

Incredients for Chicken Stew:

Chicken Thigh
Bombay Onions
Cinammon Stick
Star Anise

Tip: You can add any vegetable you like eg baby corn, or those frozen carrot, peas and corn if you have no time to cut vegetables.

Seasoning and Sauce for the Chicken Stew:

Oyster Sauce
Light Soya Sauce
Dark Soya Sauce
Sesame Oil
Corn Flour

How to Cook the Chicken Stew:

  1. Cut everything into bite sized pieces
  2. Place everything in a dish suitable for microwave
  3. Pour sauce incredients over it
  4. Microwave for 20 minutes
  5. You're done!

Tip: Stop halfway through to stir and add cornflour to thicken stew as desired.

Go to my Mumsgather blog to view pictures of the Chicken Stew.

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  1. Eh? Microwave on high? Won't all the vege become overcooked??

  2. kat,
    If you don't want the vege to overcook, then be a little hardworking and put them in the last 5 minutes. Hehe.


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