Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mothers who spend too much time online

I'm afraid I'm one of those mothers. I can't blame it entirely on my blogging but it hasn't helped. Even before I started blogging, I spent quite a lot of time online, surfing, playing games etc. Then I started blogging and it got worse. Then I started paid blogging and it got even worse.

With blogging, I spend a lot of time blog hopping and socialising. With paid blogging, I spend a lot of time searching for jobs and doing them. I'm a one income family so when I found out that my blog had value and I could earn something from doing something I love, I was estatic. I thought that if money could drop out of the sky onto my blog, why shouldn't I claim it? Lol!

How naive I was. Money does not drop out of the sky. My blogs have value, yes, but I have to work hard to keep it that way. I have to work hard to make sure I get traffic, maintain my ranking by writing good content and I have to do research and write good, fresh, content for the advertisers who sponsor my blogs. At the same time, I must not forget my blog readers, those whom I had time to socialise more with earlier on.

What does that all mean? It means that it takes up a big chunk of TIME out of my life. Time is what my children need from me. Thats why I'm a STAY-AT-HOME-MUM. I did not stay home to give them distracted time and little bits and pieces of me. So now, I'm struggling to find a balance. I admit it. I've become addicted to blogging as well as paid blogging.

I wish someone could come up with a good suggestion on how to overcome my blogging addiction. I guess for today, I will go cold turkey and not look at my blogs all day (including anything else related to blogging like my stats, earnings, sponsorships etc) and see how that feels like. I will not even do the two advertiser orders on my personal blog which I've got a 24-48 hour deadline to meet. So there!

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  1. I hear you and I hear you loud. This post really voice out what I'm feeling at this moment.

    It's lunch time now,and I'm still sitting in front of the laptop typing this whereby I should actually be getting lunch ready for the kids. GUILTY!!

  2. oh i am having the same problem too.

    worst still, i am not earning anything from my blog.

    what you were trying to do is classic, but it ain't working for me in the long run.

    i'll check your blog again for the solutions. :)

    good luck to us.

  3. Opps.. I have the exact problem with you except I just started to monetize my blog. At least, you are really a good writer with interesting post everywhere and a list of loyal readers.

    I am struggling to balance my life with my girl and the "internet"! Sometimes, I felt guilty towards my girl but I really hope that I can earn some money from blogging to continue to be a SAHM when I go back Singapore.

    I foresee that I will be no-value in the job market when I go back. I would not want to work as a clerk earning 1.3K and just enough to pay the childcare fees....


  4. elaine,
    My cold turkey addiction treatment did not last for long. By 5pm I was suffering from blog withdrawal symtoms and I wrote 3 blog posts in an hour. Hahaha. :P *guilty*

    Solutions? I'm still searching for one. Good luck to us indeed! *shake hands*

    shannon's mummy,
    If you work really hard like some of the mothers do, a 5 figure income is not impossible but thats not for me though. Even at less than a clerks pay, I'm struggling to find balance with my online/offline time.

  5. Yeee... you'd made it sound so scary... especially the paid blogging thing. It's like once you pop you can't stop...

    But I can understand your situation.

    I guess that's why until today I still very reluctant to sign up with PPP, though I did sign up over the weekend. But I haven't done anything with it. Just too much commitment. Don't know if I can handle it.

    Well, I'm addicted blogging and blog socialising too, but how bad, I'm still don't know. Yet to find out.

    But at this stage, I have the mood thing. Sometimes I'm in a blogging mood. But sometimes I'm not, when I have project going on at work, or some personal stuffs, my mind would too occupied.


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