Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Time Saving Tips for Mothers

The other day I wrote about Money Saving Tips. Today, I want to touch on Time Saving Tips. Here's a few of mine. I have put them in no particular order or category, only whatever comes to mind.

  1. Have a place for everything and a everything in its place. This reduces clutter and prevents things from being lost especially small things like keys, spectacles, handphones etc.
  2. Wrap your oven toaster tray with aluminium foil. I learned this very useful tip from my dad. Previously I used to have to scrub my oven toaster tray and it still looked burnt. It was difficult to clean after each use. Now, I just wrap it up with aluminium foil. After use, I just throw the foil away and wrap the tray with a new foil. It saves me time from having to clean the tray out.
  3. Minimize your house decorations. A clean look makes it clutter free and you will save time on wiping and cleaning all your little decorations and picture frames so try to maintain a clean clutter free look.
  4. Do your filing as it comes it. Pay your bills on time as it comes in then file them away immediately. This reduces last minute rush and lost bills and fines. Once you have paid it and filed it away, you can move on to other things. Otherwise your todo list will just get longer and longer and overwhelm you.
  5. Pay your bills online. Need I say more? This is self explanatory. Its definitely a time saver.

Thats all I can think of for today. If you have a tip to add to this. Please send it to me via email or leave a link on my comment. I will include your tip with a link back to you. Thank you.

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  1. heheh...I so wanted to write a tip but I realised, I have no tip to share in this department! In fact, I need some tips myself and luckily you have some here esp 4 and 5. Thanks..:)

  2. shireen,
    I'm sure you can think of one, just one. Hehe.


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