Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Do You Have Harmony in Your Life?

  • Do you have harmony with yourself?

  • Do you have harmony with your spouse?

  • Do you have harmony with your children?

  • Do you have harmony with your other family members, parents, siblings etc?

  • Do you have harmony at work ie have a good balance between work and family life?

  • Do you have harmony with your health and body condition?

  • Do you have harmony in your life?

If not, you better do something about it soon because not being in harmony in any of the areas in life leaves us feeling stressed out and it damages our health. So strive for harmony especially in areas close to your heart, whether its family, friends, or work. Strive for harmony.

At the moment I have disharmony in one or two areas so the point of this post is to talk myself to work myself back into harmony. I must make an effort. Harmony comes to those who make the effort. For example...

  • If you want a better relationship with your spouse/family members, you must work for it

  • If you want to have a better work life balance, you must make it happen

  • If you want to have better health, you must exercise and eat right

We should all strive for a stress free life as far as possible. So make the effort. Work for it and it will happen. You will have harmony in your life. May Peace, Love and Harmony be with you, the readers of this blog. Have a nice day!

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