Friday, June 01, 2012

Online Mothers

I am an Online Mother. What does it mean to be an online mother? Being an online mother means ...
  1. 1. I have to prioritize my time between online and family
  2. 2. I sometimes feel guilty if I spend too much time online
  3. 3. I have loads of other online mother friends whom I can turn to when I need a shoulder to cry on or someone to listen to when I vent
  4. 4. I look forward to each day full of exciting online activities and online interaction
  5. 5. I get a lot of support from other online mothers. I feel comforted to know I am not alone.
  6. 6. I give support to other online mothers.
  7. 7. I learn a lot from sharing with other online mothers.
  8. 8. I get many new ideas about parenting, kids activities, crafts, recipes, education and books and apps for kids etc from other online mothers.
  9. 9. I laugh, cry and bond with other online mothers whom I have never met and whom I may never meet.
  10. 10. I have a head full of online thoughts as I go through my day.
I am an Online Mother. Are you an Online Mom too? Say YES! if you are. 

The biggest challenge an online mother faces is ...

How Not To Let The Computer Take Over Your Family Life. 

More and more mothers are going online. Is online time taking over your family time? This is how I manage my online time with my personal or family time. How do you manage yours. Care to share?
  • - Morning for myself and my online activities, afternoon for my kids to help them with homework etc, evening and night is for the man 
  • - No online activities on weekends and public holidays and whenever the man is on leave from work
  • - Use the old fashion paper and pen to write down ideas and articles and transfer them online when I finally do get to a PC. I don't have to be in f ront of a PC all the time.
  • - Never stress over not being able to get online for days or weeks or months. The online world will still be the same when you return.
  • - Take days off from online activities every now and then.

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  1. Well, I am online and I am a Mother, but thankfully, my son is 40-years-old and does not interfere with my computer time!

  2. We all will turn into online daddy/mummy - referring to the younger generations. ;)
    It's too much of a norm for us to be hooked onto the Internet - it's not just a hobby, it's instilled in our lives. :)

  3. YES I am! But I try to limit my online time when the lil one is around :)

  4. Me too... which is why I'm a little behind on posts right now since it's the school holidays. :)


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