Monday, June 18, 2012

What To Expect Series of Pregnancy Books

Hello Everyone. As some of my regular readers and followers on facebook know, my birthday was on 15th June. I was really thrilled to receive the What To Expect Series of Pregnancy Books on my birthday. What a delight. This was what I received:

1. What To Expect When You're Expecting
2. What To Expect The First Year
3. What To Expect The Second Year

What To Expect Series of Pregnancy Books
This was what I received on my birthday! A very lovely present indeed. It is the revised new editions for the What To Expect Series of Pregnancy Books

I'm going to tell you What To Expect from these series of pregnancy books in a later blog post PLUS I'll be running a giveaway soon. Do watch out for it! 

I won't have any trouble telling you what I like about these books because I have the older copies myself. I referred to them frequently during my pregnancies.

These are my older copies of the What To Expect Series Of Pregnancy Books. I loved them and referred to them regularly during both my pregnancies.

In case some of you are wondering why I'm so delighted with pregnancy books, no, I'm not pregnant. However, I am delighted with the books because I think Books don't grow old, people do. The ideas and valuable information in books are evergreen and everlasting. So, crazy though it may sound, since my kids are really still very young now, I plan to keep these pregnancy books for my children and tell them how mom once referred to the books while having them. Do you keep books too?

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  1. I could use a "What to Expect the Tween Years" book. They certainly keep you on your toes at that stage!


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