Thursday, May 31, 2012

Is SAHM A Lonely Job?

Friends... we all need them
I've never really thought of being a SAHM as a lonely job before. After all, I feel perfectly content. I have my online friends, I am pretty active online with 5 blogs to maintain and a growing list of Squidoo lenses. I have written and published two books on my own. I am pretty busy.

The kids are gone in the morning and when they are home, the house is always a flurry of activity. When the spouse comes home in the evening, mummy is in greater demand than ever. Sometimes, I can't even hear myself as the three of them will be talking to me at the same time and demanding my attention all at once.

I didn't have time to be lonely, or so I thought. However, recently some events made me rethink this.

My domestic helper may be returning to her home country for good. Why, just the thought of this made me cry buckets. I cried till my eyes were all swollen. Why? My helper has been with us for 4 years. In that time, she has not only become a helper in my household chores, she has become a companion and a friend.

Just thinking of how lonely it would be not having someone to laugh with and talk to about the kids and other things makes me realize that sometimes being a SAHM can be quite a lonely job.

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  1. Can totally understand how you feel coz my maid just left us for good in end march after working for us for 5 years. I thought the same thing too ( if u read my personal blog) and i cried so badly when she left..but surprisingly things do turn out ok after she left. I have no time to feel lonely. I am more independent than what i expected.

    I know the thought of it caused a lot of emotional stress but well, maybe she will stil stay and if she really leaves, trust me, you wil be fine.

    1. It is not the ability to cope that I am worried about. I have coped without a confinement lady or maid or any other help from anyone with a newborn and toddler. If I could do that, I can certainly cope without help now that the kids are older. It is the company I would miss. *Sniff*

  2. i also sometimes miss my ex maid altho we weren't in good terms when she left. Sometimes i just wonder if she is living the life that she wanted, or she is stil in msia or what. But deep inside i wish her all the best. Lonely yeah... when my kids in sch, i am lonely. But usually housework keeps me busy from being lonely.

    1. Sasha, we can't help but form an attachment and hope that they will have a good life later on.

  3. it must be a tough time there, when a close friend like this is leaving, eventhough she is just a maid by name. hope you will be fine soon :) cheer up!

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  4. That would be because you have such a good and trustworthy maid. For some, I think good riddance. haha. Well, cheer up ya. Hopefully spending time online can make you feel not so lonely.:)


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