Friday, June 29, 2012

Girls Are Supposed To Be More Caring, Aren't They?

They say girls are more caring and nurturing but it doesn't seem to be that way with my two kids. It is always the younger boy who thinks of his sister. The sister is more selfish and does not like to share her toys or food with him.

The boy on the other hand is always thinking of his sister. Recently, we had a RM10 voucher to use. We told the kids they could each use up to RM5 to buy whatever they wanted. Both of them said they wanted stationery.

Suddenly the boy ran up to me all excited. He held up two pink erasers shaped like a tiny house. "Mummy" he whispered. "I'm going to get this for jie jie (sister) to surprise her because she lost hers."

For thinking of others before himself, he was rewarded with a mechanical pencil worth more than RM5. The sister pouted when she saw that his items were more than RM5.

"How come HE gets to spend more?" she said.

Well, girls aren't always the more caring, nurturing or thoughtful one, are they?

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  1. Hmmm, I think it's more of the individual character than gender. I have 3 girls. All 3 are caring in their own ways in different areas and in different situations. No. 1 is more sensitive to my feelings and that of other people's feelings while no.2 does not care. No. 2 likes hugs and kisses but not no. 1! No. 3 who is the youngest loves hugs and kisses but can be very selfish and domineering. But at times, she will also ask me to buy things for her 2 che ches when I bring her shopping.


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